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What Is Subud
In Subud, members receive an individual inner experience that enlivens their spiritual and ethical understanding and leads to natural life changes.

Subud is a highly personal experience that differs from person to person. It is not a religion and is not based on any dogma or teachings. It is available to people of all religious affiliations and to those without any religious ties or particular beliefs.

The Latihan Kejiwaan
Indonesian for “inner training”

This is what Subud is all about. In the latihan, during which one remains fully conscious, one quiets the mind and moves and expresses oneself according to one’s inner state, empty of desires and thoughts. This is cleansing and is often accompanied by a sense of worship. Subud is about living this inner life within the material world.

Members meet twice a week to do the exercise for 30 minutes, men and women separately, each to receive for themselves from a higher source what they need. In this way, one may come to sense one's true nature and talents, and to feel an inner security and a direction for living one's life.

The usual effect of the latihan is a feeling of well-being and relaxation. Practiced consistently over time, it tends to bring about a gradual personal development with changing attitudes and values. One can also draw on the latihan for an inner guidance for the best attitude or action to take in any difficult situation.

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Subud is an international organization and was founded over 50 years ago. 
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