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In 1924 in Java, Indonesia, a young man named Muhammad Subuh Sumohadiwidjojo received a series of intense and electrifying spiritual experiences that gave him an inner contact with the spiritual energy from a Higher Power. 

Muhammad Subuh Sumohadiwidjojo

By the 1930s, he became aware that it was his task to transmit to others this spiritual energy, which he called latihan kejiwaan (or "inner training") but that he was not to seek people out but simply to wait for those to seek him and to ask for the contact. In 1956, Bapak (as he became to be called; the word is Indonesian for respected father) was invited to England where many Westerners joined Subud. He was then asked to go to other countries such as the United States and Australia. In this way, Subud spread rapidly around the world.

Bapak died in 1987 leaving many talks on tape, video and in print to guide the organization he founded. The contact with the spiritual energy that he first received remains as simple to transmit, and as real and strong to each Subud member, as it has always been.


The World Subud Association is the umbrella organization for Subud centers around the world.

Local centers govern themselves, and have annual meetings in their country called congresses. General direction and policy is determined by the World Subud Association at world congresses which occur every four years and which all the nations in Subud attend.

The International Subud Committee manages the day-to-day affairs. Other parts of the organization in each country look after welfare activities, youth interests, culture and the arts.

Members are encouraged to make their way in this world, to develop their talents and become self-reliant. Often progress in the spiritual realm is accompanied by a parallel improvement in material well-being that is not motivated by the need to accumulate or to exercise power.
Social welfare activities are an essential part of Subud and a showcase for the world. Projects like schools for neglected children, hospitals and homes for the elderly have been established at home and abroad, typically through grass-roots efforts by individual members who have been moved to give their time to the local community.

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